Nord in Barcelona To Start New Movement in 2021

Nord in Barcelona To Start New Movement in 2021

Economy, economy and above all the economy. This has been the unanimous clamor and the message that has spun the speech of the different representatives of the Catalan business community, conjured this Thursday in the old Estació del Nord in Barcelona. They were (almost) everyone, from small companies to large ones; from pro-independence organizations (such as the Chamber or FemCat) to businessmen who have publicly demonstrated against it.

From all sectors, from commerce, to the automobile, through hospitality, sports or culture. The cry of the Catalan business world has been expressed on this occasion as one voice: ” Ja n’hi ha prou, centrem-nos en la recuperació ” (Enough already, let’s focus on recovery).

A double ‘enough is enough’, against the vandalism and the disturbances of small groups that have marred almost two weeks of protests for freedom of expression and the precariousness that grips the youngest for the second consecutive crisis. And a ‘enough is enough’ against the political tension that Catalonia has dragged on for years and in favor of ” dialogue ” and ” consensus ” to work for a quick and as painless solution as possible to the unprecedented crisis that the coronavirus pandemic.

This Thursday was the first unitary act of the Catalan business community to ask for a way out of the instability experienced in recent days, after the vandalism that have destroyed the shop windows (and the image) of the noble area of ​​Barcelona. Until now the employers, the unions or the chambers of commerce had reacted to the heat of events and from their respective channels.

Until this Thursday, when the two great Catalan employers, with special prominence from Foment del Treball, have ordered that pot of crickets and have turned it into a disciplined choir to get their message across to citizens and, especially, to political parties they must form the next Government of the Generalitat.

“Count on all of us, govern with the priority of raising the economy and with institutional loyalty. Give an example of dialogue and pact and not of the excessive confrontation that unfortunately we have experienced in recent times”, have been the last words of the president of Foment , Josep Sánchez Llibre , at the closing of the event.