Yolanda Díaz Debuts As The Best Valued Leader

Yolanda Díaz Debuts As The Best Valued Leader

The third vice president of the Government and predictable candidate of United We Can in the next general elections, Yolanda Díaz, debuts on the DYM barometer for 20 minutes as the best valued leader . Although the number one of all the parties suspended, Díaz (3.64) surpasses Pablo Casado (3.59), Pedro Sánchez (3.4), Inés Arrimadas (3.3) and Santiago Abascal (2.8).

The Vox leader, however, is the most valued by his own voters (7.3), and also approves among those of the PP, who give him a 5.1 compared to the 6.8 that Pablo Casado receives in that group.

On the contrary, Sánchez is the one who gets the worst grade among his followers (the Socialists give him a 5.8), although he approves by the hair among those of United We Can with a 5.1. For the purple voter, Yolanda Díaz obtains a 6.3 average mark, although the third vice president notably improves the mark that Pablo Iglesias had among the entire electorate (2.2).

DYM survey.
The majority of respondents (62%) believe that the departure of the former leader of Podemos will benefit Sánchez, and only 20.4% think otherwise. This percentage is practically the same among the voters of the PSOE. And even a majority of United We can voters consider that the departure of Iglesias from politics will be good for the president of the Government: 44.9% think so, by 38.2% who say no.

In addition, 51.8% believe that Iglesias has been “harmful” to politics, compared to 22.9% who believe that it has been “beneficial.” Only among the voters of United We Can this positive opinion is the majority, since it is shared by 67.2% of those who chose the purple ballot in the last elections.

On the other hand, despite this poor assessment, the majority of respondents do not believe that after Iglesias’ resignation the tension in the political landscape will be reduced. 44.9% do not blame Iglesias for this polarization , an opinion fundamentally supported by the voters of United Podemos but also 41.5% of those of Vox and 44.9% of those of the PSOE. And, on the contrary, 41.8% of those surveyed believe that tension will be reduced with the departure of the former leader of Podemos from politics, an opinion shared by more than 50% of the voters of PP, Vox and Cs.