Florentino Pérez Describes Guti As Subnormal In A New Batch Of Audios

Florentino Pérez Describes Guti As Subnormal In A New Batch Of Audios

The latest victims of Florentino Pérez’s audios have been Guti and Figo . The former Real Madrid footballer does not exactly come out well in the recording published on Friday by El Confidencial , in which the white president does not hesitate to put unpleasant labels on him.

The 15 hardest phrases of the leaked audios of Florentino Pérez against players and the press
“Guti is an ass. It is like a goat. He is the worst enemy of himself. It is well used by the Being for wanting to hire a moron. If he is a moron. And the Cope the same. He will leave them hanging, he will not go ” , Florentino is heard saying.

And it is that the president of Real Madrid did not see with good eyes the renewal of Guti with the team in 2010, when the boss was Calderón. “The illusion that [Calderón] has created with Guti… Trust Guti, you who know him as I do. Two matches. To think that Guti has to be trusted with everything Guti has asked us , ”Florentino comments. It was clear that the player was not to his liking and, when Pérez returned to the club’s presidency in 2009, it took Guti a season to leave the team. And to top it off he did it through the back door.

The player always openly declared that his departure from a team in which he had played more than 500 games was not the dream. Despite everything, he returned to Real Madrid in 2016, to take charge of teams in the lower categories . A new stage that lasted only a couple of years, when he realized that he was not going to rise within the pyramid of coaches of the White House. Then he went to the Besiktas bench for the 2018-19 season and later occupied the UD Almería 2019-20 bench .

Florentino also talks about Figo in an audio corresponding to 2006, in which he directly accuses the Portuguese of destroying the Real Madrid dressing room. “The dressing room… Figo is the one who fucks the dressing room. The best has been Zidane, without a doubt. Figo was a son of a bitch. Like this boy … Raúl. The two worst have been Figo and Raúl ” , attacks a Pérez who fired Figo from Real Madrid in 2005.

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