Despite Russia, will India isolate on Afghanistan?

Despite Russia, will India isolate on Afghanistan?

This summit is going virtual and the heads of state of these countries are involved in it. That is, from Xi Jinping to Putin. Afghanistan has emerged as a new challenge for India and Russia-China are together on this issue.

On September 17, there is a meeting of SCO i.e. Shanghai Cooperation Organization. India is also its permanent member. Apart from India, there are four more countries including China, Russia and Pakistan. Afghanistan and the Taliban will be an important issue here too.

Here the situation is even more opposite. In BRICS, India can also get help from Brazil and South Africa, but here all the countries except India are mobilized with China, Russia and Pakistan on the issue of Afghanistan and Taliban. It is being said that India may be isolated here.

China’s English daily Global Times is said to be the mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party of China .

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